Welcome industry creatives & friends!

The Wanderer Collective Shootouts is a series of unique and one of a kind modern editorials meant to elevate your portfolio and book your dream client.

It's no secret...

that without a dream portfolio there is no dream client. 

What other way is there to build that dream portfolio, then work with a dream team of vendors?

Each and every one of our vendors is hand selected to bring their unique creativity to the project.

From the outfits, to the stationery, to the cake, you can be sure that every part of the shoot is a carefully planned dance of art and something worthy of your lens.

All skill levels welcome!

While these shootouts aren't a workshop, there will always be a lead experienced photographer there at the shootout and so we encourage all photographers/videographers to come create with us regardless of their experience!

Next up: 

Earth & Stone

Preto Loft, Toronto

Saturday, January 30th 2021

A earthy, modern industrial vibe inspired by copper, stone, chocolate and modern wood triangles.

Investment: $595

or 3 equal payments of $200 divided between month of signup and month before shootout.

Only 10 spots available!

Get on the waitlist and never miss an update!

The Wandering Ivy

The Ottawa Valley, Ontario 

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