Celestial Winter Elopement

Barron Canyon Trail, Algonquin Park, Ontario

A star-studded wedding dress, dried flowers and an inspiring celestial theme will give you all the feels.  Fulling of unexpected details,  this winter elopement inspiration proves that you can have an amazing celebration any time of year.

Industrial Studio Wedding

Wade Studio, Toronto, Ontario

This earthy, natural and moody wedding inspiration is full of eye catching textures and elements.  A mix of dried and fresh flowers and a handmade arch made of foraged twigs give it a ethereal touch.  The blank canvas of the studio provided a perfect backdrop for the floral, tablescape and dress details and will have you second guessing an outdoor wedding or elopement.

Scorpion Gulch Elopement

Scorpion Gulch, South Mountain, Arizona

An abandoned trading post in the middle of the Arizona desert is the perfect setting for this colourful elopement inspiration.  Unique flowers, a dusty purple velvet dress and an edgy black suit contrast perfectly with the landscape dotted in Saguaro Cactus.  

A classic soft Arizona sunset and black smoke bomb top off this romantic elopement in the desert.

Vintage Fall Elopement

Petawawa River, Petawawa, Ontario

  A gorgeous thrifted wedding dress, fall-toned flowers and the textural tablescape complete this autumn elopement inspiration.  The rock sitting on the banks of the Petawawa River serves as a natural table for the interesting tablescape elements that include various fruit and monarch butterflies.  Also, you'll definitely being thinking of incorporating a hat with florals after scrolling through these photos.

Woodland Winter Elopement

Petawawa Choose & Cut, Petawawa, Ontario

A snow-covered forest, a cotton bouquet and a floral headpiece take this winter elopement inspiration to the next level.  Full of earthy details this definitely will give you a woodland vibe.  A vintage bus tucked in between the trees and one of a kind flowers give this elopement unique feels.

Dundas Peak Elopement

Dundas Peak, Dundas, Ontario

This mountain top elopement inspiration covered in the warm glow of the sunset is a romantic dream.  The details in this elopement to not disappoint, from a lace wedding dress to whimsical flowers, you'll feel like your transported to a different land.

Romantic Summer Wedding

Pleasant Valley Trout Farm, Sparta, Ontario

  Soft florals, mauve bridesmaids dresses and grey linen suits make this summer tent wedding an absolute dream.  You'll fall in love with the many details of this carefully curated celebration and we were truly honoured to be able to create the most romantic flowers to accent this beautiful wedding.

Boho Winter Wedding

Delhi German Home, Delhi, Ontario

Plenty of colour, unique elements and a cozy aesthetic was the ultimate goal of this wedding.  Lush flowers were also a must and paired perfectly with the snow covered forest which served as a perfect textured backdrop.

Whimsical Summer Wedding

Caso Station, St. Thomas, Ontario

Whimsical flowers and untraditional details make this summer wedding perfect.  This gem of a wedding definitely makes it on my favourites list for many reasons and one being this bride's choice of flowers which we loved creating.

Dreamy Golf Course Wedding

Craigowan Golf Course, Woodstock, Ontario

Neutrals rule in this classic, romantic wedding.  From the lush bouquets filled with flowers in varying textures to the champagne two-piece bridesmaid dresses this classic, modern affair will remain a favourite.

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