Joni Van Wyk owner of The Wandering Ivy

who we are

The Wandering Ivy is a one of a kind floral, wedding design and elopement planning company based in Canada. Specializing in modern and luxury designs in Ontario and beyond, we love nothing more then creating something truly unique for each of our clients.

From initial consultation to the very last detail, we believe in giving everything we have to our clients. We promise to be there every step of the way in your planning journey and to offer our expertise where we can.

this is our passion

This is our dream job and there is nothing else we rather do. Our days consist of dreaming up the next project or the best way to incorporate our clients character into the design. We never stop creating because we simply can't, this is what we do, this is what we love.

Our love of the wedding industry began with flowers but it didn't stop there. The endless colours, textures and theme combinations is truly our form of art. Nothing is more satisfying then the end result of each project we do and we live for that feeling.

owner and lead designer

A hopeless romantic inspired by nature, old architecture and modern trends.  

A lover of good food, red wine and live music.

An avid traveler, explorer and animal lover.

With over ten years of experience in the flower world and over four years in the wedding industry, Joni Van Wyk brings creativity, uniqueness and thoughtfulness to her designs while building connections with each of her clients.;

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Photos by Last Summer Photography/Joel and Justyna